You know Altair OptiStruct as the leader in topology optimization, but did you know that the use of OptiStruct for nonlinear structural analysis has been increasing rapidly at leading companies? Teams are benefiting from a modern solver technology with linear and nonlinear capabilities – backed by Altair’s industry leading support – while reducing costs through the unique value of HyperWorks Units.

  1. Small and large displacement analysis
  2. Multiphysics analysis
  3. Axisymmetric and creep analysis
  4. Contact with friction
  5. Bolt pretension
  6. Elasto-plastic, hyperelastic, visco-plastic, gasket and user-defined materials
  7. Post-buckling and nonlinear transient analysis
  8. Vibration and acoustics
  9. Single model, multi-attribute worklow
  10. Linear and nonlinear response optimization
Altair Student Edition
Altair Student Edition

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