In our attempt to helping you get started on your "Simulation-driven Design Journey" we released 23 different free eBooks.  The following volumes are available (more eBooks are WIP):

  • Learn Basics of Electromagnetic Simulation with Altair Feko
  • Simulation of the Rotor Bar Breakage with Altair Flux
  • Learn Aerodynamic Analysis of Automobiles with Altair ultraFluidX
  • Learn External Aerodynamics with Virtual Wind Tunnel
  • Simulation Revolution with Altair SimSolid
  • Practical Aspects of Structural Optimization with Altair OptiStruct
  • Learn Dynamic Analysis with Altair OptiStruct
  • Introduction to Practical Aspects of Composites with Altair OptiStruct
  • Learn Fatigue Analysis with Altair OptiStruct
  • Learn Thermal Analysis with Altair OptiStruct
  • Introduction to Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis using Altair OptiStruct
  • Introduction to Explicit Analysis using Altair Radioss
  • Design of Experiments with Altair HyperStudy
  • Introduction to Fit Approximation with Altair HyperStudy
  • Practical Aspects of Finite Element Simulation
  • Practical Aspects of Multi-Body Simulation with HyperWorks
  • Simulation Driven Design with Altair Inspire
  • Learn Basics of System Modeling and Control Systems with Altair Activate
  • A Guide to Learn Math, Scripting, Data Analysis and Visualization with Altair Compose
  • Learn Modeling of Elastoplastic Materials with Altair Compose
  • Learn Casting and Solidification with Altair Inspire Cast
  • What is DEM - Theoretical background behind the Discrete Element Method (DEM)



Click Here for Software,Training and Support for your Team!
Click Here for Software,Training and Support for your Team!

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