AOC 2020 India Online Training – Session 02

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Monday -30th MARCH, 2020
CAE: Theory of FEM and FE Modelling

Tuesday – 31st MARCH, 2020
CAE:  2D meshing and Linear analysis

Wednesday – 1st APRIL, 2020
CAE: Nonlinear Analysis

Friday – 3rd APRIL, 2020
CAE: Theory of Optimization

Saturday – 4th APRIL, 2020
CAE: 3D meshing and Optimization using OptiStruct

Tuesday – 7th APRIL, 2020
Design simulation: Introduction to Inspire

Wednesday – 8th APRIL, 2020
Design simulation: Motion Simulation using Inspire

Thursday – 9th APRIL, 2020
CAE: Theory of Explicit Dynamic using Radioss

Saturday – 11th  APRIL, 2020
CAE: Mechanism simulation using Motion Solve

Monday – 13th APRIL, 2020
CAE: CFD Simulation in Acusolve

Overall global winner can earn up to…  $2,500 USD
Overall global winner can earn up to… $2,500 USD

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