Although the Live Events of Shell Eco Marathon have been cancelled, there will still be off-track awards this year.

Altair presents some important topics for the Shell Eco Marathon participants to prepare for the off-track awards and hopefully for the design of your car during the 2021 events.

The covered topics are:

  • Creating Lightweight Optimized Designs with Altair Inspire – May 5th

Learn how to create lightweight manufacturable designs for your entire car frame and each component using quick to learn and easy to use Altair Inspire

  • Fast meshless Analysis with Altair SimSolid – May 6th

Learn how to perform structural analyses on fully featured CAD assemblies like your entire car model, without any need for geometry simplification and perform rapid design iterations within seconds to minutes using Altair SimSolid

  • Lower Energy Consumption and better Performance with optimized Aerodynamics – May 7th

All sessions will be held multiple times, so teams from Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe and the Americas can join, Click on the relevant regional competition links below to register

Note: for non participating teams, a recording may be available later on this site, please check this site for updates.

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