Altair HyperWorks has been reimagined to bring all applications under one common user experience, Learn more about the HyperWorks 2020 here.

All students in current engineering courses, will now be able to use HyperWorks 2020 for Free!  This powerful recent version of HyperWorks is a must have for your simulation needs. By integrating Altair products as part of your studies you will develop the confidence and acquire the skills to design innovative solutions to complex engineering problems.

The next generation HyperWorks experience brings a user-experience with tutorials, context menus, improved manipulation, display controls and model browser.

Students should take note that both the new and established HyperWorks desktop experiences will be available with no loss of existing functionality. Your models, scripts and processes from earlier HyperMesh versions will continue to work.

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Click Here for Software,Training and Support for your Team!

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