Presenter: Isi Matalon is a Business Development Engineer for System Modeling at Altair Engineering Inc. Isi has been at Altair for 6 year with experience on Embedded Controls, System Modeling and Electromagnetic Simulation. Through his role he is advocating for a more multi-disciplinary approach on simulation by coupling 0D, 1D and 3D simulation tools.

In this age of the Internet of Things, Big Data, analytics & mechatronics, it is the multidisciplinary intersections of mechanical, electrical, and control systems that provide the product and experience opportunities the marketplace is seeking for applications ranging from autonomous vehicles to wearable devices. Whether you’re teaching/learning Introductory controls or Mechanical Dynamics or higher-level Mechatronics courses, seamlessly integrating engineering concepts with actual hardware is key for students to get premium Mechatronics jobs in the Industry.

In this technical session, we will demonstrate a comprehensive Mechatronics educational kit to teach and learn model-based development with the highest fidelity digital twin simulations. With this kit, you’ll be able to study system dynamics & automated control concepts, integration of high-fidelity controllers modeled in Altair Activate™ – an open integration platform for system simulations with high-fidelity mechanical systems (/plants) modeled in Altair MotionSolve™ – a high-fidelity 3D Multi-body Dynamics simulation environment. Furthermore, you’ll learn virtual commissioning of real platform via digital twin combined with optimization of the controller gains with different operating conditions and controller types.

Balancing a ball on a table in a desired position is one of the most important and classical problems of control theory. In this tech session, we’ll use this example and go through the workflow of digital twin simulations combined with hands-on experiments. If you wish to receive a free copy of the digital twin simulation models and reports. “Please reach out to Isi (”

Watch the ASEE 2020 Altair Session – Hands on Project based learning with Digital Twins for Mechatronics in Engineering Education and Research.

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