Speaker: Dr. C. J. Reddy, Altair Dr. C.J. Reddy is the Vice President of Business Development with more than 30 years of experience in the RF, Antenna, Microwave and electromagnetic simulation industry. Dr. Reddy is a Fellow of IEEE, the Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society (ACES), and the Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA).

In the field of engineering, theoretical analysis is of paramount importance in understanding the basics. This is the focus of most of the engineering education providing students with a deeper theoretical knowledge of necessary concepts. Students are also expected to learn physical phenomenon through experimentation while instructors explain the theory behind the experiment. While this process enhances the analytical capability of the students, it has been difficult to duplicate complex real-life problems during classroom instruction. With the advent of advanced engineering simulation technology and the availability of powerful, inexpensive computers, it is now possible to enhance engineering education. It can now include complex real-life problems in addition to providing added analytical capability to students.

In this session, we will present Altair’s advanced electromagnetic simulation tools for antenna design wireless communication courses. While the basic concept of antennas for transmitting and receiving radio frequency (RF) signals is well known, closed-form exact analytical solutions to many antenna problems are not possible. Following the theoretical analysis methods, several approximations are typically made to simplify and solve the problem, but this consequently limits the accuracy of the solution. Almost exact solutions to antenna problems can be obtained using simulation tools such as Altair Feko, incorporating advanced numerical methods. The effective utilization of electromagnetic simulations for real-life antenna configurations provides students with not only the guidelines for antenna design simulations, but also an illustrative visualization of antenna radiation patterns, radiating currents, and other characteristics that will be very beneficial for both educational purposes and practical applications.During this session, we will also present case studies of how electromagnetic simulations are successfully fused with theory and experiments by educators at different universities.

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A big thank you for helping us reach new heights this year, wishing you a Happy Holiday Season!
A big thank you for helping us reach new heights this year, wishing you a Happy Holiday Season!

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