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Sandeep Patil, Dr.R.G. Tated
Marathwada Institute of Technology, Aurangabad – 431028, INDIA

Majority of automobile and appliances components are made by deep drawing sheet metal process. So these growing need demands a new design methodology based on metal forming simulation. With the help of metal forming simulation we can identify the problem areas and solutions can be validated in computers with out any expansive shop floor operations prior to any tool construction. Metal forming simulation is also helpful at the product and tool design stage to decide various parameters. Optimization of process parameters in sheet metal forming is an important task to reduce tryout and manufacturing cost. To determine the optimum values of the process parameters, it is essential to find their influence on the deformation behavior of the sheet metal. This paper describes the methodology by which the influence of various parameters on deformation behavior of the sheet metal can be predicted and the data of post processed result can be used during product design and tool design. The virtual FE simulation can predict various defects during deep drawing process at the product design stage. The study performed in this paper to predict the effect of parameters on formability of a trapezoidal cup using Altair HyperForm radioss predictive tool. The formability analysis is performed for various cases of different values of parameters blank holding force and friction coefficient and various virtual tryout set is developed and thickness variation are analyzed. The die, punch, binder and blank are the main components developed as virtual tryout set.

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