AOC 2021

The rapid growth and interplay of various technologies in recent times have made the world increasingly complex. This demands Engineers of tomorrow not only be experts in their chosen domain but also have adequate knowledge of other engineering disciplines to collaborate and build the products of tomorrow. Often times this implies building multi-disciplinary skills to solve multi-physics problems. Altair brings AOC 2021 with the aim to address this specific need of the industry. Participating in AOC 2021 will give you an opportunity to understand and solve problems from other engineering streams and help build cross-disciplinary skills making you “Jack of All and Master of One”.

About Contest

Altair India announces the 10th edition of its popular Altair Optimisation Contest.
This FREE* Contest program is meant for individual students (UG / PG / Ph.D) and faculty of all branches of Engineering from AICTE approved colleges with India. This year the contest will cater to different engineering disciplines as listed below. Altair Student-Edition license will be used for the contest.

The objective of the FREE* AOC 2021 India will be for students to get trained in using Altair Software Technologies for across respective applications and gain certification on Altair solutions by solving the maximum number of multi-disciplinary problems.

Contest Details

Domain Expert – Mandatory Section

ALL problems pertaining to your engineering field are mandatory.


Engineering Field Altair Software to be used Problem Type
Industrial Design Altair InspireTM Altair Inspire Print 3D, Altair Inspire StudioTM  Generative Design, polygonal modeling, Additive manufacturing and photo realistic rendering
Civil / Architecture Altair SimSolidTM, Altair Inspire Rapid structural analysis, structural optimization
Mechanical /Auto /Aero Altair SimSolidTM, Altair AcuSolveTM Rapid structural simulation, computational fluid dynamics
Electrical Altair Flux TM, Altiar Hyperstudy TM Electromagnetic simulation and Design of experiment ( DOE)
Electronics Altair FekoTM Altair WinpropTM GPS patch antenna design and key-fob antenna design
Computer Science  / MBA  Altair knowledge worksTM ( knowledge +studio & Altair  monarch TM) Data preparation and predictive analysis
Chemical / Mining Engineering  Altair EDEMTM Bulk and granular material simulation (powder technology)


Multi-Domain Expert – Optional

To become a Multi-Domain Expert students need to solve the following –

  1. Choose to solve as many problems from other engineering domains outside the branch you are studying in.
  2. Choose to solve as many COMMON problems as possible from the below list.
  3. You can also solve a combination of the above – A & B.

Note: Problems solved in point A will earn higher weightage compared to those in point B.


Software to be used Contest problem
Altair studio TM  Rendering of sunglass
Altair ComposeTM General numerical optimization
Altair Inspire  Motion analysis of Solar panel
Altair SimSolid Roll cage impact simulation
Altair Activate TM  1-D system modeling of unicycle


All completed entries will be judged by a Panel of Design & Analysis experts from Altair & our Industry Partners.

Student Contest Awards:

  • 1st prize: INR 10,000/- worth Voucher + Certificate of Recognition.
  • 2nd prize: INR 5,000/- worth Voucher + Certification of Recognition.

All complete submissions, submitted by the due date will get a Certificate of Participation.

Faculty Awards

  • 1st prize: INR 25,000/- worth Voucher + Certificate of Recognition
  • 2nd prize: INR 15,000/- worth Voucher + Certificate of Recognition

All complete submissions submitted by the due date will get a Certificate of Participation.

‘*Note: This is a 100% Free Contest. Altair India doesn’t charge any fee for participation in this contest or the training & support for this contest. Altair India doesn’t recommend that students participating in this program join any training course for this. On the contrary, students looking to learn and gain skills can join this contest to start learning without any monetary commitments. For additional information, refer Terms & Conditions page on the contest page.

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Altair Student Learning Event 2022 - Watch Webinar Recordings
Altair Student Learning Event 2022 - Watch Webinar Recordings

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