By Jean-Michel TerrierSenior, Director of Business Development; Jean-Baptiste Mouillet Senior Technical Specialist; Erwan Mestres European Solver Team Director


Today virtual testing is quickly reducing the need for physical product testing and is fast becoming a required component in the early stages of the design process. While simulation is having a great impact in improving product quality and time to market it also highlights the challenges related to accurately predicting and simulating model and material behavior for dynamic loading events such as a vehicle crash or impact.  Precisely modeling and simulating complex events such as material rupture, fatigue and crack propagation requires a rich simulation solution with extendable material and failure models.

While the need has never been greater, companies and engineers are actively looking for existing solvers that provide the right combination of features, capabilities and options necessary to handle today’s demanding requirements.  Advanced solver solutions would ideally enable engineers to leverage and extend both material models and failure criterion to accurately simulate and analyze these problems.

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Altair Student Learning Event 2022 - Watch Webinar Recordings

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