The KA-RaceIng team is the Formula Student Racing Team of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Each year the team members develop, design, and manufacture a racing car that competes with 270 teams from all over the world at the Formula Student competition. While working in the KA-RaceIng Team, students gain valuable experience and engineering skills. Building a race car within 6 months with limited resources sets the need for Computer Aided Engineering tools to optimize components and the vehicle frame prior to production. A common design goal is to reach a minimum weight of the vehicle while keeping a high stiffness. Furthermore the production costs and maintenance effort during the races should be as low as possible. To reach these goals KA-RaceIng used HyperWorks.

“The major value of OptiStruct was for us that on the one hand we could optimize the KIT11 with respect to the given loads and on the other hand to make stress analysis to gain insights on how the loads would affect the KIT11. By using OptiStruct we received a chassis that was optimized regarding weight and stiffness and we learned a lot about the stresses that occur in a Formula Student Monoposto.”       Lucas Epperlein, KA.RaceIng

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Click Here for Software,Training and Support for your Team!

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