Tilmann Mauz, SimpaTec GmbH
EHTC, Bonn (Germany), November 8-9, 2011

Mechanical properties of fiber-reinforced plastic parts largely depend on fiber orientation obtained from flow simulation to calculate anisotropic properties. This paper describes theoretical and experimental studies which showed the effects of linking process simulation and structural mechanical analysis to optimize the design process.

The range of complex plastic parts today is getting larger. One of the reasons is the increase of substitution of metal parts by plastic parts. For this, the plastics need special mechanical properties which can be reached with e.g. fiber fillers. The major benefit of the 3D injection molding simulation is the capability to simulate the fiber orientation and the anisotropic warpage with the option to transfer the material properties to structural mechanical analysis. With this option it is possible to reduce the over dimensioning of fiber reinforced parts. The result would be a saving of mass, materials and costs.

But how accurate is this chain out of process simulation and structural mechanical analysis in reality?

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