The EMEA Frist Prize and the Global Winner Prize for the Altair Global Digital Twin Contest, were both won by a team from France. The team members included Mathilde Theunissen, Vincent Morin and Quentin Levent.
Their inspiration for participating in this Contest comes from the idea of 'Replacing Picasso by a Robot'. As interesting as it sounds, they have completed all the steps in the contest keeping this overarching theme in place. First, they carefully chose an image their ball could trace. After several days of search, they finalized a bull's head inspired by a sculpture by Picasso. This path was chosen since it was both aesthetically pleasing and technically complicated.
The team made changes in the Embed example file so as to obtain an accurate skeletal path. In Compose, the team developed and refurbished the given code so as to trace the required path from a specified beginning point to a certain endpoint. For smoothing out the path, the team changed the speed of the ball, added filters and added idle time at beginning and end.
For the computation in Activate, the team added filters for x and y coordinates so as to get an accurate path that gets fed into Motionsolve. For the rendering part, the team used backgrounds and textures inspired by Picasso's paintings. They made an effort to make the rendering photorealistic and in adherence to their overall theme.
In the end, they acknowledge that their version of the Picasso robot still needs a lot of improvements before they match the genius of Picasso himself...

The Digital Twin was put to the test and was successfully verified by reality as shown in the video below

Hello, My name is Mathilde Theunissen. I am a student in Robotics at Polytech Sorbonne in Paris. This challenge is a good opportunity for me to put my skills in automation into practice. I am exciting to learn more about digital twins. Good luck to you all!

Hello, my name is Vincent and I am a robotics student from Polytech Sorbonne in Paris. I am part of a team, and I am participating in this contest to learn something new and explore different technologies. Good luck and thank you !

Hello, I'm a student in Robotics in Paris, and am thrilled to participate in this contest. I am part of a team, and am looking forward to solve the digital twin problem, as it is a fairly fondamental problem that uses many notions from a lot of fields and is applicable to many others real-life challenges. See you all around!



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Elevate your design skills, win prizes, and become an optimization rockstar! Learn More...

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