The team with the first prize in the Americas consist of Isaque Silva, Nathan Silva and Petrus Fiore. Their motivation for participation in this competition is learning and exploring the integration of physical systems and digital software. Digital Twin serves as a perfect tool for this. The team hopes to incorporate this technology into monitoring, management, optimization, maintenance and much more. The BBT contest is ideal for a kickstart in the field.

The first task for the team was to select the perfect logo that the ball could trace. They ended up choosing the iconic 'Batman' logo as it beautifully captures the role of advancing technology in changing world. As a preliminary step, they extracted the coordinates of the Batman logo using Altair Embed and processed them in Altair Compose. They used Compose to obtain the initial time vector and filter the data obtained through Embed. For the processing in Altair Activate, the team used filtering and offsetting tools to get the path within the table. They also changed the filters and ball velocity to get a smoother path. Finally, they brought their simulation to life using Altair Inspire. Using environment, materials and camera angles, the team successfully delivered a fully rendered video with photorealistic aesthetics and creative manoeuvring. Not to mention, the final video is in close visual adherence to their logo of choice, Batman.

Americas First Prize goes to Isaque Silva, Nathan Silva and Petrus Fiore (Universidade Federal de Itajubá, Brazil)

What motivated you to take part in the Altair global digital twin contest?

"Hello everyone! I'm Petrus Fiore studying mechanical engineering with topics in aeronautics at the Federal University of Itajubá, in my home country: Brazil. I will participate in the contest with three friends: Isaque Coutinho, Nathan Oliveira .I strongly believe that with this contest I will be able to challenge myself, learn new and interesting topics and prepare myself to a world that is conected and automated. It's an opportunity to anyone that loves math, logical thinking and engineering in general.

"Hello everyone, my name is Nathan Silva and I'm from São Paulo, Brasil. At the moment I'm Mechanical-Aeronautic Engineering Student from Federal University of Itajubá and I'm on the 5º period of the graduation. I received the notice about the competition through of the students group and stayed extremally content, given that through it me and my colleagues can learn more about the Altair softwares !!! 

"I am studying aeronautical-mechanical engineering at UNIFEI, Brazil. I'm Isaque Coutinho, this is a big opportunity to learn more about digital twins and develop my skills and creativity in this subject!

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