The winners from APAC are two batchmates from India, Yash Thool and Piyush Deshmukh. They are enthusiastic mechanical undergraduates who hoped to learn about a new tool and technology of the Digital Twin to expand their horizons and have a new experience. The Altair BBT contest served as a perfect platform for this.

The duo started off by selecting an appropriate logo for the ball to trace. They selected the Pi symbol as it consisted of both sharp corners and smooth contours. Next, they extracted the coordinates for this symbol using Altair Embed and processed these coordinated further in Altair Compose. Appropriate filters, ball speed and idle time were added to these time coupled coordinates so as to make the path smoother. In Altair Activate, further processing was done like scaling and offset so as to fit the symbol on the table. A proper controller and solver mode was chosen and the rendering procedure was initiated. The Altair Inspire Studio's features were used to make the rendering photorealistic and perfectly display the result of intricate processing. The submission demonstrates the potential of the Digital twin technology and its role in the rapidly advancing digital world.

APAC First Prize goes to Yash Thool and Piyush Deshmukh (College of Engineering Pune, India)

What motivated you to take part in the Altair global digital twin contest?

"Hi, I am Yash Thool, a 2nd year student of Mechanical Engineering at COEP. I'll be working with my batchmate Piyush Deshmukh. I am excited to participate in Digital twin Competition as it gives us opportunity to learn new skills and master them. Hope, I'll learn new and interesting things.

"Hi, I am Piyush Deshmukh, a 2nd-year Mechanical Engineering student at COEP. I'll be working with my batchmate -Yash Thool. This is an opportunity, where I can sharpen my skills and learn new things. I'm looking forward to participating in Digital twin Competition.

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