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In today’s world, Engineers with Data Analytics skills are a must. To empower this, it is important to have the ability to Analyse data and make an informed decision is a key to success. You will become a go-to person for contributing to Strategic business decision making, Preventive maintenance decisions, Predictive Analytics areas.

Altair has 30+ years of experience in Data Science, Data prep field, with Proven Data Science Solutions with customers in BFSI, Retail, Manufacturing, & Engineering…etc.

About Contest

This Contest helps students to get exposed to tools and technologies used in Data Science, Analytics like Altair Knowledge Studio. This FREE* Contest program is meant for individual students (UG / PG / Ph.D.) of all branches of Engineering specifically designed for the Students participating in Techkriti’22.

Contest Details

A real estate company wants to use its historical data to predict the sales price for each house. You need to analyze the relevant customer data using Knowledge Studio. For each Id in the test set, you must predict the value of the Sale Price variable.

Competition Description

Ask a home buyer to describe their dream house, and they probably won't begin with the height of the basement ceiling or the proximity to an east-west railroad. But this playground competition's dataset proves that much more influences price negotiations than the number of bedrooms or a white-picket fence.
With 79 explanatory variables describing (almost) every aspect of residential homes in Ames, Iowa, this competition challenges you to predict the final price of each home

Objective: Try different ML models that will help to predict the final price of each home. It would help the real estate company to understand the requirement of home buyers and will help them to buy their dream house.

  1. Import the data: [5 Points]
    a. Import dataset_1 and dataset_2 and append
    b. Explore the final shape and size of data.
  2. Data Cleanup: [5 points]
    a. Missing value treatment
    b. Convert categorical columns to continuous columns (if required)
    c. Drop attribute/s (if required)
  3. Data analysis and visualize: [10 points]
    a. Write the conclusion about the distribution of data and you’re understanding.
    b. Determine which factors influence the churning of the data with evidence.
  4. Data pre-processing: [5 points]
    a. Segregate prediction and target attribute
    b. Perform train test split
    c. Check if the train and test data have similar statistical characteristics when compared with original data
  5. Model training, testing, and tuning: [15 points]
    a. Train and test all the supervised models present in Knowledge studio.
    b. Display and compare all the models designed with their train and test accuracies
    c. Select the final best-trained model along with detailed comments for selecting the model.
    d. Score using a final selected model on the new validation_data using scoring node
  6. Conclusion and improvisation: [10 points]
    a. Write a detailed conclusion on your results
    b. Detailed suggestions or improvement on the quality, variety, etc. on the data points collected by the real estate dealer to perform better data analysis in the future.
  7. Altair Knowledge Studio Certification course completion certificate [10 Points]
  8. Download the model file info from this link.

Contest Schedule

Altair Data Analytics Contest IIT Kanpur


All completed entries will be judged by a panel of experts from Altair & our Industry Partners.

Student Contest Awards:

1st prize: INR 10,000/- worth Voucher + Certificate of Recognition.
2nd prize: INR 5,000/- worth Voucher + Certificate of Recognition.
3rd prize: INR 3,000/- worth Voucher + Certification of Recognition

All complete submissions submitted on or before the due date will get a Certificate of Participation.

‘*Note: This is a 100% Free Contest. Altair India doesn’t charge any fee for participation in this contest or the training & support for this contest. Altair India recommends students participate in this program to avail free learning and certification courses provided via Altair University. For additional information, refer Terms & Conditions page on the contest page.

Additional Resources

Altair University Learning & Certification Course. Click here
(Registration required to access these courses)
Free eBooks on CAE Simulation – Click here

General Instructions:

    • This competition is only for Students who are still part of the college. Not applicable to passed out students who have completed courses who are not part of Academic Institution.
    • Valid College ID proof with clear validity is a must for final verification (letter from HOD or principal duly signed and sealed will also be good for ID verification)
    • Students need to register at Altair University and Apply for Academic Version Software (Altair KnowledgeStudio)
      Note: Upon registration, an email will be sent to the student for Confirmation. Please confirm. The license will be approved instantaneously if you have used the email ID issued by your college. You can use Gmail or Yahoo or any other email domain but need to attach Photo ID proof. Take a snapshot of your ID card and attach it. This feature will be active only if you type or use Gmail or Yahoo email ids.
    • Altair will grant Free access to relevant tools with a License validity of 1 Year. These licenses should not be used for any commercial activity or revenue generation. Licenses granted are intended only for this completion / Self Learning / Non-Commercial Purpose only.
    • Students can learn/get certified in the relevant tool via Free Learning/Certification courses available at Altair University. We have allocated marks for the completion of Certification courses. Students need to get certified in KnowledgeStudio. Certification Course completion for each of the relevant software will lead to full marks.
    • We have allocated marks for the Completion of Profile in Industry outreach Portal. We invite all the candidates who complete the certification course. The certified student will be listed in Industry Outreach Portal - Student Profile is shared to Indian Altair Customers for Internship and Recruitment Opportunity. These initiatives will help your students in Competency building, a Stronger bio profile that helps in Jobs and Internships.
    • For the next two Friday 11th and 18th March 2022 > we will have Teams meetings to resolve any queries during the competition.

About Altair:

ALTAIR (Nasdaq: ALTR) (hereinafter referred to as “Altair”) is a global leader in computational science and artificial intelligence that provides software and cloud solutions in simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). We enable organizations across all industries to compete more effectively and drive smarter decisions in an increasingly connected world – all while creating a more sustainable future.

Altair is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, USA, and operates in 86 offices in 25 countries with more than 3000+ employees with 12,000+ customers across broad industry segments. Altair has APAC Reginal headquarters at Bengaluru.

Altair Provides solutions to some of global trends such as Additive Manufacturing > Autonomous & ADAS > Big Data > Cloud Computing > Data Transformation > Digital Twin > e-Mobility > Exascale > GPU Solutions > Light weighting > Machine Learning > Manufacturing Analytics > Mechatronics > Smart Product Development > 5G … etc.

Please check out Altair University and Industry outreach initiative - which educates on the above global trends (It’s FREE!). Here students can get access to Software > Learning courses > Certification Courses > Access to Industry outreach portal > Virtual Internship and Regular internship to selected candidates. The certified student will be Invited and listed in Industry Outreach Portal - Student Profile is shared with Indian Altair Customers for Internship and Recruitment Opportunities. These initiatives will help your students in Competency building, a Stronger bio profile that helps in Jobs and Internships.

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