“We are convinced that the Altair Academic Program was key for the success of our e‑Mobility project. The collaboration with Altair empowers the project development team with a comprehensive portfolio of engineering solutions, which maximizes product quality.” Marta Janeras, Head of the Simulation and Development Area at ELISAVA

There are few things more fun than an Electric Dirt Bike, using Altair solutions, the ELISAVA student team improved their motorcycle’s parts and created a lighter, more efficient design. The team also optimized complex assemblies while ensuring maximum performance, comfort, and safety. The optimization of the “Dayna EVO” frame to achieve an optimal package for an electric powertrain also shows that electrification can save costs. In all, the team created a fully electric motorbike that’s suitable for rugged terrain while giving drivers the speed, comfort, and control they demand in great bikes. “Dayna EVO” is a great step forward for the ELISAVA team and will help them improve future designs as well. Read the exciting Success Story here !

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Altair Student Learning Event 2022 - Watch Webinar Recordings
Altair Student Learning Event 2022 - Watch Webinar Recordings

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