Over the years, Clive Hands has been dedicating himself to this mission of preparing students for their career as an engineer. He is extremely passionate about this mission and the importance of developing engineers who think outside the box and understand the importance of innovation. Over the course of many years, he has successfully developed a project-based learning method that combines E-learning with hands on projects. I can’t think of anyone better to talk to about the importance of preparing our future engineers then Clive.

In Armin Veitl`s (Senior Director Global Academic Program at Altair) interview with Clive, he shares his vision of teaching and mentoring students so that they meet the objective of being creative and innovative. Clive also leverages a grad student, Jode Fourie, who provides Clive with the student vantage point and what he has learnt to meet the challenges he faced to prove himself with Industry partners.

To add to the complexities of this mission, Clive has to navigate the challenges of using new technologies that complement CAE based simulation for virtual product design.

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