See this poster summary and read this detailed article on DEM investigation of cumulative effect of shape and size induced segregation in a rotating cylinder for Chemical Engineering: Enabling Transition Towards Sustainable Future ChemTSF2022 by Sunil Kumar; Salma Khatoon; Jeetram Yogi and Anshu Anand Department of chemical Engineering, IIT Roorkee.

In short the motivation of the study was that since rotating horizontal cylinders are often used as blenders, observations of size segregation seem counterintuitive, reducing the quality of the products that requires a uniform blend. A full understanding of radial segregation is required. DEM simulations allow one to vary all parameters and measure any physical property

The focus of their investigation is to study the influence of particles’ shape on segregation of bi-disperse mixture of particles in a rotating drum. The effects of various particle parameters such as shape and size ratio are investigated. The results show the shape of both coarse and fine particles influence mixing. For the coarse particles, decreasing trend of extent of radial segregation as follows: sphere >
oblate > prolate > elongated-needle (experimental).


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