The Altair Computational GP took place in the Altair Spanish Office. The EDU event gathered our sponsored teams to highlight their achievements with Altair Solutions. Including great keynotes from a RedBull  Engineer and EDDM (Education Engineering) + insightful Internal demos about Data with Panopticon & CFD with uFX,  the event was a great success and a fun opportunity to connect with the next generation of Altair champions!!
In closing, 2 winners were awarded: Best project presentation & Best execution in the SimSolid challenge
  • Best project presentation (Innovation challenge): Winner team MAD FORMULA  The project was implementation of forged carbon fiber in a formula student car.
  • SimSolid challenge: The project was the analysis of brake pedal system in a formula student car and they show all the step to get the results

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Senior Manager - Global Academic Programs
Altair Student Learning Event 2022 - Watch Webinar Recordings
Altair Student Learning Event 2022 - Watch Webinar Recordings

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