We are very excited to announce that the first 4 Exercises of the Monarch Learning Series are already out in the community. I would highly encourage you to participate in order to upgrade your Monarch skills and also for a chance to win an exciting reward.

We would also be reviewing the answers to the learning exercises in our Monarch Learning Series Webinar. Don’t forget to register for live Q&A with our Monarch expert @babamajekodunmi

Our first webinar is on May 26th, 2023 to review exercises 1-4 below. You can register here for the same.


Exercise Solution
Exercise 1 – Maynard Employee Analysis Exercise 1- Solution
Excercise 2 – Grocery Analysis Exercise 2 – Solution
Excercise 3 – FDIC Failed Bank List Exercise 3 – Solution
Excercise 4 – Healthcare Contract Labor Costs Coming this Friday


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