Periodic Mesh Utility

Map surface mesh to another surface, by translational and/or rotational symmetrical conditions.

The Periodic Mesh utility can be used to generate a grid containing rotational and/or translational symmetric boundaries, for example rotating machinery in use with CFD analysis. This utility provides the first two steps needed for the larger process of Periodic Mesh work flow.

In the first step, the mesh on the source geometry has to be generated using any of HyperMesh’s surface meshing algorithms – for example, 2D mesh with Boundary Layer.

In the second step of the Periodic Mesh utility, the mesh is mapped from the source geometry onto the target geometry. In addition to source and target geometry, detailed information about the transformation (rotational and/or translational) can be optionally entered.

To access this utility, from the menu bar click Mesh > Create > 2D Elements > Periodic Mesh.

Download the Tip from our website >>   (login in the Client Center requires an offical E-Mail address of your campus)

Click here to download!
Click here to download!

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