Running the Script, you get this nice small toolbar:

(for your login in the Client Center please use you campus E-Mail address)

This is how it works:

1.)    check Elements using “check elements” panel and click “save failed”

2.)    start PatchChecker using the magnifying glass button on the left. This will generate patches of failed elements and isolates the first patch using a clipping sphere.

    1. cycle through found patches by using the left/right arrow buttons
    2. adjust clipping sphere size by using +/- buttons

3.)    exit patch checker view by clicking on magnifying glass button again.

 There’s one limitation:

Since the Element Highlighting is panel sensitive, failed elements are only highlighted while the Panel is active from which the check elements panel was called. This only affects the highlight, no other usability issues are known regarding to from where the check elements Panel is called.

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Browse 20+ free eBooks.

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