“Without HyperWorks and the excellent customer support from Altair, Bloodhound’s structure would be significantly heavier and less likely to withstand travelling at 1,000 mph on land.”

(Chris Hannon, Swansea Bloodhound SSC Design Engineer)


“Its a great experience to use Hyper Works student edition, the features are quite easy to operate!”
(student survey response, 2012)


“I am using it to develop a model that will complete my thesis research for my MS”
(student survey response, 2012)


”It is a really impressive and user friendly document, which highlights very well good FEA practise, together with linking to the functionality of HyperMesh.” 
(Professor Kevin Hughes, Cranfield University on the new student e-book)


“HyperWorks provides full industrial FEA capabilities to Coventry University. Thanks to its robust CAD interfaces and its solver independent philosophy, students can reliably import models and quickly analyse their designs” 

(Christophe Bastien, Programme Manager, Coventry University)


“There is clear evidence that employers of our graduates value highly the skills with the use of HyperWorks that they develop in their study at Leeds”
(Vassili Toropov, Professor of Aerospace & Structural Engineering at Leeds University)


“Thanks very much for having us at Altair UK and providing with such a nice opportunity for learning Hypermesh software.”
(Shahid Mehmood, Swansea University)


“Great support for a great tool”. That’s what I can say about the book.”
(Hadi Moztarzadeh, Coventry University)


“OptiStruct did a great job helping us to come up with an innovative lightweight design for our Quantum solar race car.”
(Andrew Huang, Chief Mechanical Engineer, University of Michigan Solar Car Team)


“Our students are using HyperMesh and OptiStruct to design innovative structural systems that require advanced finite-element meshing capabilities and optimization. The HyperWorks open architecture – to be able to easily import parts and assemblies from different CAD packages, create meshes, and export to different finite-element programs – enables us to integrate with the different formats of our industry partners”
(Dr. Lonny L. Thompson, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Innovative Computational Engineering and Mechanics Lab at Clemson University)


“In our senior-level technical elective course, ME 440 – Materials for Aggressive Environments – we have been introducing the students to the concept of total-life-cycle (TLC) material selection. The use of multi-disciplinary computational engineering analysis to assess manufacturability, performance, durability and recyclability of alternative designs is an integral part of the TLC approach. Such analyses entail solid modeling, pre-processing, topology, size and shape optimizations, linear and non-linear structural mechanics computations, manufacturing process simulations, and post-processing. We are very pleased that all of these capabilities are available within Altair HyperWorks.” 
(Dr. Mica Grujicic, Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Clemson University )



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