While studying at the University of Milan, Martina Semeraro’s lifelong passion for design and creativity grew through an internship at jewelry design house Valenza. Inspired by the experience and encouraged by her university professor and advisor, Giampaolo Pagnutti, Martina used solidThinking Evolve to design a gemstone ring that became the focus of her thesis.

The piece features a smooth band with a distinctive knot form poised atop it; and, with Evolve’s rendering capabilities, she simulated the look of bold amethysts and a variety of violet-colored quartz crystals. The ability to incorporate realistic lighting, shadows and surface materials further brought Martina’s design to life.


Of her experience, Martina said, “I was thrilled by solidThinking Evolve from the first moment on and have loved working with it ever since. Working and sketching with the software and its commands have led to my passion for it, and I learned that software such as Evolve can open every door in design that one would like to learn about. There are no design obstacles that can’t be overcome with Evolve.”

Thanks, Martina!

Altair Student Edition
Altair Student Edition

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