Helicopters provide a vital set of capabilities to society in the roles they play in times of war and natural disaster. Although other concepts of hovering aircraft have been proposed and researched, no
configuration has proven nearly as robust as the group of a few standard helicopter layouts.

HyperView CFD Postprocessing Applications for Rotorcraft Design (by R. Scott, Georgia Inst. of Technology)

Graduate students at the Rotorcraft Center of Excellence in the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering are using Altair HyperWorks software to analyze drive concepts to expand the envelope of rotorcraft flight beyond these few conventional designs. Responding to the 2009 American Helicopter Society’s student design competition’s call to develop “an alternative, nonconventional rotor/drive system, including all necessary subsystems that will endow the new design with improved performance in terms of speed, range, payload, endurance and noise signature,” Georgia Tech’s team has proposed a ducted fan coaxial compound called the Peregrine.

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Click Here for Software,Training and Support for your Team!

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