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By Fatma Kocer-Poyraz on December 6, 2018 Using Machine Learning (ML) for Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) is an entirely different beast than using ML for other industries where we are used to seeing it the most, such as retail, recommendation engines, … Read More

Altair India Optimisation Contest

Accelerate your career with Altair Software’s! Register Today for Altair Optimisation Contest 2019  –    Altair India announced the 8th edition Altair Optimisation Contest #AOC 2019, which is a contest organised annually by the team of Altair in support of … Read More

Contact: Le service Antennes (DSO/RF/AN) du CNES est amené quotidiennement à modéliser et simuler divers types d’antennes, que ce soit dans une démarche d’étude, de conception ou de validation. Pour ce faire, les agents de ce service s’appuient notamment … Read More