1-DOF Copter - Flight simulation control unit for teaching and research

ACROME 1-DoF Copter is a perfect introductory plant for learning fundamentals of flight dynamics and control. Altair, partnering with ACROME, promotes the unique experience of a digital twin mechatronics simulation and hands-on experiment platform to teach and learn model-based controller design concepts with a 3D+1D system co-simulation engine.


1 DOF Copter has been designed to simplify the intelligent control strategy of flight systems. With the motor compatible electronic speed controller and high-resolution encoder 1 DOF Copter enables users to experience the fundamental concepts of quadcopters, rockets, hovercrafts, and underwater vehicles. Ready to use courseware enables students to understand the main topics of control engineering such as system modeling, linearization, linear control system design and frequency response analysis. The fully open-source software gives the freedom to students and researchers to modify the algorithm or even design their own structure.


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Hardware+ Courseware

Teaching License of Software

Initial Setup Help and Training (via web}


Hardware+ Courseware


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  • Only 1 Starter Kit is needed. If you already have the Altair software, you need only purchase Expansion Kits.
  • Software License includes: Altair Compose®, Altair Activate®, Altair MotionSolve™ & MotionView™.
  • All software apps can be installed and run on student computers and/or on school computers.

What can be studied with the Starter Kit?

  • System modeling, dynamics and automated control concepts
  • Integration of high-fidelity controllers with high-fidelty mechanical plants.
  • Virtual commissioning of real platform via digital twin
  • Fundamentals of PWM

Interactive training material based on the kit

Have a look at the exciting training package below to learn about the digital twin of the 1DOF copter