Ball Balancing Table Mechatronics Education Kit

Balancing a ball on a table in a desired position is one of the most important and classical problems of control theory. Altair, partnering with ACROME, promotes the unique experience of a digital twin mechatronics simulation and hands-on experiment platform to teach and learn model-based controller design concepts with a 3D+lD system co-simulation engine.


Prepare your students to hit-the-ground-running in their work as mechatronics engineers!


Get the premier mechatronics jobs! As an explorer, empower yourself with the next generation engineering tools to innovate better and faster.


Hardware+ Courseware

Teaching License of Software

Initial Setup Help and Training (via web}


Hardware+ Courseware

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  • Only 1 Starter Kit is needed. If you already have the Altair software, you need only purchase Expansion Kits.
  • Software License includes: Altair Compose®, Altair Activate®, Altair MotionSolve™ & MotionView™.
  • All software apps can be installed and run on student computers and/or on school computers.

What can be studied with the Starter Kit?

  • System dynamics and automated control concepts
  • Integration of high-fidelity controllers with high-fidelty mechanical plants.
  • Virtual commissioning of real platform via digital twin
  • Optimization of the controller gains with different operating conditions and controller types.

Interactive training material based on the kit

Have a look at interactive training material starting from Introduction to the Ball Balancing table, general approach to systems modeling and control design etc.