Altair Student Edition – Limitations

The Altair Student Edition may NOT be used for commercial purposes.

  • Inspire, Inspire Cast, Inspire Form, Inspire Extrude Metal, Inspire Extrude Polymer, Activate, Compose, Embed, Inspire Studio, Inspire Render, and Thea Render are full-featured versions (no model size limitations for the above-mentioned products)

FEKO & WinProp Limitations – click here for more information

FLUX Limitations – click here for more information

HyperWorks Desktop Limitations

There are two types of HyperWorks provided with the 2020 version

  1. HyperWorks Desktop 2020 (the classical GUI)
  2. HyperWorks 2020 (X version, new GUI)

Solver Limitations

  • Radioss; OptiStruct: 100,000 nodes
  • AcuSolve: 500,000 nodes
  • Radioss runs are restricted to 4 cores (-nt4)
  • Multi-Body models (MotionSolve): 200 bodies
  • Solvers cannot be started from a command line (only from within the Analysis page from within the Graphical User Interface

Supported CAD formats

HyperWorks Desktop 2020

  • Import: IGES, SolidWorks and STEP
  • Export: IGES, STEP

HyperWorks 2020 (X)

  • Import: Supports all major CAD formats (same as full version) (see Supported CAD readers section in help)

Pre – Processing

  • HyperCrash export limited to 100,000 nodes
  • HyperMesh Import / export: Radioss, OptiStruct limited to 100,000 nodes
  • HyperMesh X (new interface) Solver Deck export in Unity requires extension to be added in file name (ex: abc.fem, abc.rad)
  • Feko files are not supported for import in the current version.

Post-Processing (HyperView)

  • Reads h3d files only with the maximum allowable model size of 100000 nodes
  • Only 1 page with up to 16 windows may be created

Platform Support

  • Platforms : Windows 7/10
  • Architecture : x86_64

Simlab Limitations

Supported CAD formats

Import : Parasolid, STEP, CATIA, Creo, NX, SolidWorks, Inventor, ACIS, AutoCAD, JT

Supported Solvers

OptiStruct : 200000 nodes

AcuSolve : 200000 nodes

Radioss : 100000 nodes

Flux : 25000 nodes in 2D & 100000 nodes in 3D

Molding : 100000 nodes


Node count is limited to 200000 nodes

  • import/open .slb files created in full version is not possible in the student edition
  • Export of Solvers deck is not available
  • Some of the advanced analysis types for OptiStruct are not available in the student edition
  • Platforms : Windows 7/10
  • Architecture : x86_64

Altair Monarch Limitations

The student edition of Monarch has the following limitations:

  • Activation is supported via the Altair License Management System licensing method only.
  • Monarch Automation is not available.
  • Only 10 rows can be exported in Monarch Classic and Data Prep Studio.

Other Limitations:

  • The Student Edition can only be requested online (no DVD medium is available)
  • The license is valid for 12 months
  • Radioss result file format is *.h3d (A0# file is not supported)
  • Model Files for Student Edition users – accompaniment to the tutorials in the help.
  • The Student Edition is not available for banned countries: CUBA, SYRIA, IRAN, NORTH KOREA and SUDAN or for students who are banned for other reasons and are included on US Government lists of banned parties.