Altair Student Edition – Products

“As connectivity and intelligence become part of almost everything with which we interact, Altair’s tools for multidisciplinary simulation and development will become increasingly important in helping product designers create outstanding user experiences.”

James R. Scapa, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Altair Engineering

HyperWorks®, The Platform for Innovation™, is built on a foundation of design optimization, performance data management and process automation. HyperWorks is an enterprise simulation solution for rapid design exploration and decision-making. As one of the most comprehensive CAE solutions in the industry, HyperWorks provides a tightly integrated suite of best-in-class tools for modeling, analysis, optimization, visualization, reporting and performance data management.

The Altair Student Edition brings this all to your private PC or Laptop.

Modeling and Visualization Capabilities

HyperMesh: A powerful tool for creating and understanding finite-element models

  • Basic FEA: User interface in HyperMesh that allow users from the novice to expert level to run a broad range of simple analyses [with OptiStruct as the solver in the background].
  • OptiStruct User Profile
  • RADIOSS User Profile

MotionView: An open tool for understanding and improving multi-body systems (MBD)

HyperCrash: Specialized modeling environment for automotive crash and safety (for RADIOSS)

HyperView: A general-purpose visualization tool for CAE results

HyperGraph: A user-extensible plotting tool for CAE data

CAE Result Player: HyperView Player Plug-in and stand-alone utility to share and visualize 3D CAE models and results

HyperWorks Collaboration Tools: Simulation data organization and management

Ideation and Conceptual Design

Evolve: Evolve allows industrial designers to develop forms faster , capturing an initial sketch to exploring styling alternatives and visualizing products with realistic renderings generated in real time. Evolve provides organic surface modeling and parametric control, with NURBS-based surfaces and solids and the unique Construction Tree feature. It frees designers from the constraints of engineering-oriented CAD tools, while allowing the export of digital models required by others in the product

Inspire: Inspire allows design engineers, product designers and architects to generate and investigate structurally efficient concepts quickly and easily. Inspire embeds Altair’s OptiStruct algorithms, bringing topology optimization to a broader audience. The technology generates the ideal design geometry for a given package space, material properties and loading requirements. Inspire is easy to learn and works with your existing tools to help you design structural parts right the first time, reducing design time, material consumption and product weight


HyperWorks solver technology includes finite-element-based linear and non-linear structural analysis, design and optimization capabilities (OptiStruct), finite-element-based highly nonlinear structural analysis under dynamic loading (RADIOSS), electromagnetic field simulation (FEKO, WinProp and Flux), multi-body simulation (MotionSolve), as well as composite analysis and design (ESAComp). Combined with design optimization technology and multi-physics capabilities, HyperWorks enables users to drive the product-development process and make reliable decisions based on high-quality results.

RADIOSS: Finite-element-based highly nonlinear structural analysis under dynamic loading

MotionSolve: A general-purpose, user-extensible, multi-body systems solver

OptiStruct: Finite-element-based linear and non-linear structural analysis, design and optimization capabilities

FEKO and WinProp: Computational electromagnetics. Several solution methods with true hybridization enables efficient results for a wide range of problems

Flux: Flux is the leading software for electromagnetic and thermal simulations. In a greener and more electric world, engineers can rely on Flux to assist in designing energy efficient devices.

ESAComp: Software for analysis and design of composites. Its scope ranges from conceptual and preliminary design of layered composite structures to analyses of details.

Multi-Disciplinary Design Exploration, Study and Optimization

HyperStudy: HyperStudy is a multi-disciplinary design exploration, study and optimization software. Using HyperStudy, users can gain insight into their applications, make better design decisions and optimize the performance, reliability and robustness of their systems.

Mathematical Modeling Environment

COMPOSE : Whether you're looking to solve matrix analysis, differential equations, perform signal analysis or robustly study control design, Compose not only offers its users a modern, comprehensive set of tools to enable rapid development, but also offers a powerful engine and an interactive debugging environment for streamlined troubleshooting.