UK EDU Tutorials

An additional set of HyperWorks tutorials is available for all students using HyperWorks. Each download contains an engineering task based on real world design problems and includes ready to use HyperWorks model files or software recordings to explore.

Simply download the file to your machine, unzip the contents and get started.

Currently, the following additional tutorials are posted:

August 2010: Energy absorption-buckling of tubes (8.2 MB; .zip)

July 2010:  Topology Optimisation of a Car Frame (9.5 MB; .zip)

June 2010: Flexible Body Generation – Component Mode Synthesis (1.7 MB; .zip)

May 2010 Contact Modelling & TexGen: Non-Linear Quasi-Static Analysis & Textile Generation 19.7 MB; .zip)

April 2010 Thermal Analysis – Heat Transfer (12.6 MB; .zip)

March 2010 Kinematic Study of a Slider Crank Mechanism (6.70 MB; .zip)

February 2010 Size Optimisation of a Car Frame (3.62 MB; .zip)

January 2010 Natural Frequencies of an Undamped Two DOF (degree of freedom) Spring-Mass System (1.78 MB; .zip)

December 2009 Impact Engineering – Ballistic Limit (5.5 MB; .zip)

November 2009 Design of a Simple Structure & Free Body Diagram (2.7 MB; .zip)

October 2009 Conservation of Momentum & Mechanical Work (8.3 MB; .zip)