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Durham University Solar Car Update

A key aspect of DUEM is the simultaneous work on two different projects, solar car and formula student. Work is continuing on the structural design of the new Solar Car for entry in the 2015 World Solar Challenge, by a … Read More

Seismic Performance Optmization of Structures

A STUDY ON IMPROVING THE STRUCTURAL SEISMIC PERFORMANCE USING DESIGN OPTIMISATION METHODS By: Diana Lipoveanu, Altair Product Design, Leeds graduate Supervisor: Professor Vassili V Toropov Abstract This thesis focuses on the jointed field of seismic design and design optimisation, including … Read More

Chassis and Impact Attenuator Design from Leeds

CHASSIS AND IMPACT ATTENUATOR DESIGN FOR FORMULA STUDENT RACE CAR 30th August 2012 By Ahmed Oshinibosi, Bentley, Leeds Graduate Project Supervisor: Prof. D.C Barton Read the full report here ABSTRACT Generally, in the automotive industry, weight reduction, cost of engineering design … Read More

Fuselage Topology Optimization Paper

TOPOLOGY AND PARAMETRIC OPTIMIZATION OF A LATTICE COMPOSITE FUSELAGE STRUCTURE 5_EASN_conf-VVT-08-10-2013-v3 Topology_and_Parametric_Optimization of a Latice_Composite_Fuselage_Structure_as_published Abstract Conventional commercial aircraft fuselages use all-aluminium semi-monocoque structures where the skin carries the external loads, the internal fuselage pressurization and is strengthen using frames … Read More

Optimizing Membrane Structures with HyperStudy

Optimal Shape Design of Membrane Structures By: C.W. Lim1 and V.V. Toropov1,2 1School of Civil Engineering University of Leeds, United Kingdom 2School of Mechanical Engineering University of Leeds, United Kingdom Lim-2013 Paper new-VVT-v3 PPT Abstract This paper deals with stress-based … Read More