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One-Click Optimization

Fatma KoçerBusiness Development Director, Design Exploration When mathematical optimization was first introduced to the engineering design world, an optimization expert typically sat with the design engineer to help them apply optimization techniques to their design applications retroactively. Depending on the … Read More

Explore, Study, Optimize with HyperStudy

HyperStudy enables users to explore, understand and improve their system designs using methods such as design-of-experiments and optimization. HyperStudy generates intelligent variations of the parameters of any system model and reveals relationships between these parameters and the system responses. Using … Read More

A host of new solidThinking Inspire Tips and Tricks

Check out a host of new tips and tricks created for solidThinking Inspire Here … These tips and tricks not only help make your design experience with inspire more efficient, they also introduce you to features you may have missed. 

HyperStudy 12.0 introduces the new optimization algorithm GRSM

White paper by Joseph Pajot, Altair HyperStudy 12.0 introduced the new optimization algorithm GRSM.  This easy to use method contains several notable features, including: 1.            Global search of the design space to avoid local minima. 2.            Better efficiency for problems … Read More