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Season`s Greetings and Latest updates

Best wishes for the holiday season from the Altair University Team Have you taken a look at the latest tips and tricks? go to Learning > Tips and Tricks, An exciting new trick in HyperMesh to use keyboard shortcuts for … Read More

Composites Modeling in HyperWorks 12.0

HyperWorks 12.0 provides a comprehensive set of functionalities for modeling of composites. View this short video to learn more about the latest enhancements in Altair’s modeling and visualization products for composites, such as import composites data from CAD, zone to … Read More

To change the center of rotation in VWT

To change the center of rotation in VWT, click on the “C” key and then select with the left mouse button a location on your model. This will also center the view around the selected location.


DENTAL PROSTHESIS “TORONTO BRIDGE”: MATERIALS AND OPTIMIZATION Mentor: Prof. Massimiliano Avalle Assistant supervisor: Dott. Ing. Alessandro Scattina Degree thesis of Marta Palenzona – Politecnico di Torino. “The softwares used in this analysis come from the Altair® HyperWorks® suite: HyperMesh® OptiStruct® HyperView® ” “Thanks … Read More

AMAZE project on BBC News

3D printing of metallic components optimized using HyperWorks makes the BBC news! READ THE ARTICLE HERE A taster quote from the news story: “Printing metal parts for rockets and planes would cut waste and save money. The layered method of … Read More