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Senior Manager - Global Academic Programs

What is Free-Size Optimization?

Free-size optimization is the most specialized of these methods and is often applied to optimize machined structures and parts stamped from tailor-welded blanks. It is perhaps most widely used, however, in the design of complex laminate composite components. Free-size optimization helps engineers find the … Read More

What is Size, Shape, and Free-Shape Optimization?

Topology and topography optimization deliver great concepts, but even the most promising new designs need to be fine-tuned. This is where size, shape, and free-shape optimization come in. Size optimization is widely used to find optimal solutions for key product characteristics, such as cross-sectional … Read More

What is Topology Optimization?

Imagine a simple beam that needs to carry a single load. Engineers can typically draw upon experience to propose a workable solution. But when faced with a complex part, packaged into a tight space, that needs to carry multiple loads, … Read More

What is Topography Optimization

Topography optimization helps manufacturers to design and optimize any thin-walled part. Like a drum skin, these thin sheet structures can be easily excited, causing undesirable noise, vibration and even damage under certain conditions. Topography optimization enables the design of thin-walled structures … Read More