Metal Forming Research Corporation (MFRC) presents AFDEX

AFDEX is a general-purpose metal forming simulator based on rigid-elasto/thermo/viscoplastic finite element method, specialized in forging and other bulk forming processes.
AFDEX (Advisor for metal Forming process and Design Expert) can predict forming loads to assist in selecting appropriate presses and also to develop and optimize the metal forming processes. For example, costly process design tryouts can be completely removed by drastically reducing the development time and cost as well as enhancing the product quality in terms of metal flow lines (grain flow, fiber flow) and increased life spans. These predictions also prolong die life and thus increased productivity will give the user and company a great return on investment.

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About MFRC

MFRC (Metal Forming Research Corporation) has unceasingly developed the metal forming simulator, AFDEX. MFRC supports and consults customers in various ways including online and offline education, sharing application experiences and useful findings from annual conference on metal forming CAE technologies which covers special short-term or long-term lectures and publication of books and papers as well. MFRC's policy is to organize and network full-time professionals and specialists from academic side in fulfilling our customers with engineering achievements and satisfaction. MFRC consistently pursues genuine integrity to become true friends of metal forming engineers and researchers full of passion and enthusiasm.