[Book available from external sources, not free] Modeling and Simulation with Compose and Activate

Authors: Campbell, Stephen, Nikoukhah, Ramine

Get the best book on the market for learning (or teaching) how to model and simulate systems with Altair Compose™ and Altair Activate™! Order your copy now!

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This book covers the use of Altair Compose™ for 0D matrix math calculations, scripting, data analysis & visualization and Altair Activate™ for 1D system simulation using block-diagram modeling and state charts.  It is currently the only book on the market which introduces the OpenMatrix Language (OML), whose syntax is compatible with MATLAB and Octave, and discusses use of Activate with OML.  The authors are well established in the software community, with one serving as Vice President for System Modeling and Simulation at Altair Engineering Inc., the developers of Altair Compose™ and Altair Activate™. 

This book:

  • Is written to be accessible and useful to both novice and experienced users.
  • Includes numerous, fully worked-out examples with illustrations.
  • Is accompanied by supplementary materials available for download at http://extras.springer.com/Search using the ISBN (978-3-030-04885-3).