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Hi, One of the main purposes of education is to apply our skills in Industry. Here is a basic must do

  • Start now, there is no time too early for a job search.
  • Start with your University Job Counselor and learn as much as possible from him/her.
  • Visit National and Government websites such as Labour department etc to understand the requirement for a particular skill, the income and work permits etc
  • International students must always check with the government shortage occupations lists to understand what jobs are allowed for International students in a particular country
  • Prepare an SOP clearly defining why you want to join a company and why that role, always remember to make a specific honest SOP for each company you are interested in.
  • Prepare for IQ tests , quantitative ability, verbal tests etc so you are not screened out in the first step.
  • Prepare an Honest and Clear CV/Resume
  • Use job websites to both display your CV and learn about existing jobs

Here are some job website lists to start your search

Careers Advice

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The best and most effective job-search websites for engineers – Engineering Daily

The 10 Best Websites For Your Career – Forbes


We plan to add more of this kind of information in here.

So please stay tuned …