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The Multibody Examples Library

This library of examples demonstrates the breadth of MotionSolve (multi-body simulation) capabilities. The MotionView/MotionSolve examples contain CAD geometry, MotionView models, results file (plots, animations, simulations file) and a presentation including purpose, model construction, simulation details, and results obtained. The INSPIRE … Read More

Going Mesh-less with Altair SimSolid

In today’s day and age, CAE is almost synonymous with engineering design. The iterative process of building, testing and rebuilding has largely shifted to the computer screen and has now transformed to CAD drawing, simulation and re-designing the CAD drawing … Read More

Altair Embed for Model Based Development

In today’s world we find most of the devices with an embedded system inside. Embedded system is a combination of computer hardware and software. Any embedded product development undergoes a wide range of processes like designing the architecture, developing the … Read More

Werkstudent – Model Based Development (Germany)

Du willst eine bedeutende Rolle bei der Gestaltung der Zukunft spielen? Ganzheitliche Simulationsansätze stellen für Dich im Zeitalter von Internet der Dinge, Big Data, autonom fahrenden Elektrofahrzeugen und vernetzten Systemen einen wichtigen Bestandteil bei der Entwicklung komplexer Produkte dar? Sind … Read More