Conceptual Design of a 3 Wheeler Motorbike – Battery tray design

The battery tray is part of the three wheeler bike, made of thin sheet metal. We carry out static analysis & topology optimization for given loading conditions on the sheet with a thickness constraint of 10mm (i.e. member thickness - not sheet metal thickness). We achieve mass reduction from 3.68 kg to 1.79 kg. For this project / video we use solidThinking Inspire.

The model file can be downloaded from here ...


Do's and Don'ts for all Inspire project

  • Before running analysis or optimization, we strongly recommend users to define Run option under File preferences. This would help to have all relevant analysis & optimization run folder in one common location for a particular model.
  • Once you are done with all analysis & optimization process, please save final. streamed file. This would help users to use compare results table effectively.
  • After optimization, we recommend to save fit surface as Parasolid file.
  • Always crosscheck whether imported geometry file needs any clean-up. Use Patch & imprint command to remove geometry clean-up issue.
  • Updating geometry after analysis or optimization updates loads & boundary condition. So make sure that loads & boundary condition applied on expected location.