Conceptual Design of a 3 Wheeler Motorbike – Crash Box Analysis


The following series of videos are meant as an introduction into the Crash Box analysis with RADIOSS.

The working steps Modeling (i.e. model setup) - Analysis - Postprocessing are shown and discussed briefly. Please note, that due to simplicity reason the material model is assumed to be elastic-plastic. We leave it up to you to adopt (or test) material models such as, for instance, Honeycomb.

To learn more about RADIOSS you may view the free eBook "Crash Analysis with RADIOSS" or the respective course(s) in the Learning & Certification Program.




Material & Property


Rigid Body


Rigid Wall


Self Contact


Boundary Conditions and Loads




Output Blocks


Engine File




Post Processing


Interested to run your own (and improved) Crash Box Analysis? Then please feel free and download the initial model file from here.

For your inspiration, the crash box simulation (not related to the bike project) shown below was carried out by Kevin Illgen; FSAE Racing Team Zwickau/Germany.