Conceptual Design of a 3 Wheeler Motorbike – Load Extraction through Multibody Simulation

In the following project phase we wonder about the forces/moments acting on the frame if the bike is steered across a curbstone. Of course, our model and the assumptions made represent an oversimplification of reality, nevertheless, the videos should give you a better understanding on how to extract (these) loads by means of  Multibody Simulation.

The model file (HyperMesh file) can be downloaded from here ...


Reviewing the FEM Model in HyperMesh


Load CAD/FEM Data in MotionView


Flexible Body


Creating Joints in MotionView (1)


Creating Joints in MotionView (2)


Creating Springs in MotionView


Defining Motions and Loads


Analysis and Load Extraction


In case you are interested in more details about  MBS our free eBook "Practical Aspects of Multi-Body Simulation" may be helpful.