Conceptual Design of a 3 Wheeler Motorbike – Tank drop simulation

The crashworthiness of fuel tank is vital to the survivability of the passengers and structures. In order to understand and improve the crashworthiness of the fuel tank of the three wheeler bike the dynamic behavior of the fuel tank striking on the ground is studied. The focus is on establishing the best practices for modelling and solving these type of problems. The tank is modelled with an aluminum alloy material. The simulation is performed for the 40 percent fuel filled tank and the fuel is modelled in Smoothed Particles Hydrodynamics (SPH) approach.

The modelling is done using Altair HyperMesh 2017 and solved in Altair RADIOSS solver.The results indicated that the corner of the fuel tank is the most vulnerable location during the impact with ground.
As a continuation, students can try with 50 percent, 70 percent and 100 percent fuel in the tank and can study the behavior of the model upon impact. And they can also vary the thickness of the tank and can study the effect. Optionally you can try with HyperStudy to find the optimal RADIOSS model parameter values for the tank.

The model file can be downloaded from here ...