Conceptual Design of a 3 Wheeler Motorbike – Virtual Windtunnel Simulation

In addition to the Physical Windtunnel test (see video referenced in the project overview image) a CDF simulation with the Virtual Windtunnel tool/program is carried out.  Unfortunately, the simulation results are not in line with the test data. We've identified several likely error sources. For instance, the support/mounting system (as shown in the recording of the physical test) is not included in the model set-up; in the physical test the bike may have not been perfectly oriented (perpendicular to the flow); the fairing of the 3D printed bike had to be locally "edited"(because of printing restrictions), ....

Hence, lots of opportunities for improving our first virtual windtunnel model (which you may download from here; 7 MB)


The report (model overview and results) created during the Virtual Windtunnel Simulation (as shown in the video above) is attached here.