What is this project about?

Are you a bicycle enthusiast? The below collection of tutorials, videos, and reading material will give you insight into different CAE techniques, how these techniques work, and how these techniques may be used to design better products. The documents may be used for self-learning or for teaching.


Teaching (suggestion)

  1. Pick the topic which fits best into your class, let your students download the model file, re-run (re-do) what is shown in the recordings and tutorials, and let them write a short report about model assumptions, built-in limitations and results. In short,  let your students discuss their findings.
  2. Discuss the findings of your students in your class. Examine options (strategies) on how to make it better. Then ask your students to re-run the simulation taking into account the discussed improvements.
  3. Discuss the results of your students in your class ....




If you are on your own, view the material available regarding the project of interest and re-run the simulation. You may then post your questions in the moderated Support Forum.

Project Overview

Sketching & Rendering

Construction History

Sketching Bike Seat

Sketching a Helmet

Simulation-driven Design with Inspire

(with basic intro in Inspire; exercises based on bicycle rocker arm)

Geometry Simplification


Model Setup




Modeling and Analysis of a Bike Frame (HyperMesh & OptiStruct)

Jumping Bicycle (Radioss)

Analysis of a Bike Frame (SimSolid)

Light Weighting

Topology Optimization of a Bicycle Stem (HyperMesh & OptiStruct)

Size Optimization of a Bike Frame (HyperMesh & OptiStruct)

Composite Optimization of a Bike Frame (HyperMesh & OptiStruct)

Inspire 在自行车车架设计中的应用


Frame Optimization (by L.Maestrelli, A. Falsini)

Advanced Carbon Fibre Bicycle: FACTOR 001

Bicycle Tire Testing Machine

Race Face

Brompton Bicycle

Rolo Bikes - Will it be the fastest road bike?


An Aerodynamic Study of Bicycle Wheel Performance using CFD

Unsteady Flow Around a Bicycle Wheel, Fork and Partial Frame using CFD

A Comparative Aerodynamic Study of Commercial Bicycle Wheels Using CFD

Empire/Renishaw - the world’s first metal 3D printed bicycle frame

Guerrilla Gravity

Duratec - Composite Carbon Fiber Street Racing Frame

Triton Bikes - 3D Printing

Allied Cycle Works - Composite Bicycle

Specialized Wins at Le Tour de France