Detailed course: Teaching Dynamic Analysis with OptiStruct

We do hope that the teaching material compiled herein will make your life as a teacher and instructor much easier. The teaching material in short, consists of:

    • PPTs (for your presentations while teaching in the classroom)
    • Reading material (PDFs) for your students` self learning
    • Tutorials - Handouts (PDFs) for your students
    • Model Files to practise

We know - from our own teaching experiences - that class notes can always be improved. Hence, we are very eager to learn more about your preferences and recommendations.

What is this teaching course about?
The focus of this teaching package is on the practical aspects of linear dynamic analysis (with OptiStruct), i.e. what kind of solver settings are required to run dynamic analysis. The finite element program used is OptiStruct. The theory behind this method is deliberately kept very short.

Who is it for?
The teaching material may be used to educate undergraduate/graduate students with some experiences with Finite Element Analysis. Students attending the course should have basic knowledge of the programs: HyperMesh (solely used to define the solver settings), OptiStruct (for analysis), and HyperView for post-processing.

The duration of this course may vary between a few hours (illustration of the Finite Element Analysis workflow) up to 40 hours or more – strongly depending on the number of exercises, homework assignments (Capstone Projects), presentation and discussion of results and so on.

Course content

  • Theory - Basics
  • Normal Mode Analysis
    • Exercise
  • Frequency Response Analysis
    • Exercises - Direct and Modal Frequency Response Analysis
  • Random Response Analysis
    • Exercise
  • Transient Response Analysis
    • Exercises - Direct Transient Response and Modal Transient Analysis
  • Complex Eigenvalue Analysis
  • Response Spectrum Analysis
  • Examples & Capstone Projects
    • Taurus Steering Wheel Modal Analysis
    • Chassis Modal Frequency Response Analysis
    • Modal Frequency Response Analysis of a Seat Frame
    • Direct Transient Response Analysis of a Monocoque
    • Direct Transient Response Analysis of a Bracket
    • Random Response Analysis of a Bike Fender

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