Detailed course: Teaching Scripting, Data Analysis and Visualization

We do hope that the teaching material compiled herein will make your life as a teacher and instructor much easier. The teaching material in short, consists of:

    • PPTs (for your presentations while teaching in the classroom)
    • Reading material (PDFs) for your students` self learning
    • Tutorials - Handouts (PDFs) for your students
    • Model Files to practise

We know - from our own teaching experiences - that class notes can always be improved. Hence, we are very eager to learn more about your preferences and recommendations.

What is this teaching course about?
This teaching package is about scripting, data analysis, and visualization (with Altair Compose). The teaching content is suited for teaching the fundamentals of programming.

The duration of this course may vary between a few hours up to 20 hours or more – strongly depending on the number of exercises, homework assignments (Capstone Projects), presentations and discussions of results and so on.

Course content

  • Introduction (to Altair Compose)
  • Basic Commands, Data Types, Mathematical Operators
  • Math & Curve Fitting
  • Vectors & Matrices
  • Plot Attributes
  • Expressions, Logic, Looping
  • Strings, Files, I/O
  • Functions & Debugging
  • Higher Level Commands
  • Probability Density Functions and Cumulative Distributive Functions
  • Control System
  • Optimization
  • Applications & Examples & Exercises
  • Capstone Projects

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