Thermoanalytics presents TAItherm

TAITherm software is widely considered the most efficient and accurate transient heat transfer code available. Many of the world’s most advanced research teams use TAITherm to analyze and develop their products.
Armed with a complete temperature distribution and heat rates for radiation, conduction, and convection, your team can maximize engineering design tradeoffs in the early stages of development and then optimize and validate the final product designs. TAITherm's highly efficient Graphical User Interface and numerically optimized solver provide your team with comprehensive heat transfer solutions and a fast ROI. Join the many leading simulation teams who use TAITherm to achieve faster time-to-market and reduced testing costs.

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About ThermoAnalytics

ThermoAnalytics is a team of industry-leading engineers and scientists with many advanced degrees and decades of experience in the fields of CAE software development, computational heat transfer, infrared signature prediction, thermal-fluid systems design and modeling, and field/lab measurements.

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