FEKO Student Edition

The FEKO EM Solver is part of the HyperWorks 2017 Student Edition

Altair’s electromagnetics solver suite in HyperWorks, FEKO, is a global leading comprehensive electromagnetic software widely used mainly in the aerospace, defense, automotive, communications, consumer electronics, energy and healthcare industries. The suite includes a set of accurate, powerful and reliable solvers with true hybridization, i.e. solvers can be combined in the same problem to more easily and efficiently solve it.

FEKO is easy to use and it has an integrated GUI from geometry modelling to results visualization, post-processing and report generation. meshes created with HyperMesh can be easily imported into FEKO as well. It includes a set of specialized features and a built-in scripting tool for advanced data manipulation and tasks’ automation. Besides FEKO’s built-in optimization techniques, it is integrated into HyperStudy to perform multi-disciplinary design exploration, optimization and stochastic analysis.

Student Edition Limitations

Supported Platform: Windows 8.1

Model Elements


Number of wires in CADFEKO


Number of faces in CADFEKO


Number of mesh wire segments

2 500

Number of mesh triangles

25 000

Number of tetrahedral volume elements

250 000

Number of voxel elements (FDTD)

500 000

Solution Specification


Near-field observation points per request

10 000

Far-field observation directions per request

20 000

Number of frequency values


Solution Metrics


Main memory that can be allocated by FEKO kernel

1 GByte

Number of processes for parallel FEKO version


Total run-time (wall-clock time) of FEKO kernel

20 min

Number of adaptive frequency sampling points


Number of simultaneously active excitations


Number of optimisation variables (degrees of freedom)


Number of optimisation steps (iterations)


Note: The FEKO Student Edition does not support geometry import and export filters.  It will however allow the export of Parasolid geometry.


In case of any questions please contact altairuniversity@altair.com